British Gas

How can British Gas keep its customers?

Today the business life is harsh no matter what exact line of business we are talking about and the dangers don’t avoid even the largest companies, such as British Gas, which is vividly present in the competition which ensued ever since the gas oil business has been privatized since the 1980’s.

So, what are the factors that have the ability to make this historical company still stand out of the crowd and how can it still keep its customers? Let’s try to find the answer to this question in this article.

Lots of things have changed for British Gas Corporation since its initial founding back in 1972 when based on the current Gas Act, it was deemed to be a lone player in the field of gas and gas oil supply. However, many things have changed in the UK in the upcoming 14 years and finally things got to the point when a privatization of the energy supply industry has become necessary. This way, the gates were opened and British Gas has slowly but surely found itself being forced to compete with the other players which includes BG Group. Transco, Centrica among other smaller or local businesses. Since then lots of water have flown down the rivers and after a couple of rebranding and still staying on top of the rankings British Gas was been purchased by Centrica, who however has let it keep its own brand and independence in branding and business processes.

This is what has let to the latest rebranding which has succeeded in refreshing and dust off the brand , making it more customer centered and most importantly: making it allocate and stick with its most faithful customerbase: the households. These days the large company has managed to add tons of new and sometimes even surprising services to its repertoire which has resulted in basically having a “do-it-all” company being ready to serve customers’ needs not only in case they need energy resupply.

Today, the business deals with things such as:

  • Building out of whole heating systems – backing it up with its own building and construction insurance
  • Heating system and boiler selling, installation and repair with guarantee
  • Kitchen appliance and further electronic appliance repair
  • Plumbing and drains repair
  • Insurance system
  • Becoming the official reseller and installer of Active LightTM system, which is a very specific, futuristic system that gives users the chance not only to save energy, but to remotely control their light, plugs and heating.

On top of it all British Gas offers lots of different sorts of discounts, has an online account system where you can see how much you paid, how much you owe, order or cancel services. All in all, the business is facing a bright future it it manages ot keep its current customerbase alongside the quality of its services.