Virgin Media special services

Virgin Media’s special services

With the telecommunications market being pretty stacked for a single country, one may also be asking what makes the services of Virgin Media so special, how can it stand out from the crowd these days, when all telecom companies are full force into improving their services? Let’s see some of the special features Virgin Media offer which others don’t yet have.

  • TiVo® box

This is a very smart thing that’s an interesting mixture of an application and a storage place. This means, you can save and download programs on it ( with the more commonly offered 500GB Tivo box you will get around 250 hours to record) the Tivo application serves as a sort of a browser/ computer on your television. It can help you go back to watch a program and it can help you find something you like at that moment too. All you need is to give it the parameters and it will bring up the best results for you. Also, there is a selection of channels which offer extra services for Tivo users. For example through a BBC channel you can access iPlayer, News and Sports in an instant.

  • TV Anywhere:

Virgin offers a very smart app which makes it possible for all subscribed users to watch TV from desktop or portable device. In fact one can also do it anywhere with an internet connection, it’s enough to go to the website to do so. As an extra you can even watch Sky sports and Sky cinema programs straight from your mobile device if you wish to.

  • Photo Prints and email:

Extra services for all the family to enjoy. Download and print out the photos you like and use up to 10 mailboxes the app has to offer.

  • Extra security:

With Web Safe and F-Secure SAFE it is made sure all your data is safely protected. While Web Safe targets the main device F-Secure is aiming the protection of all the other gadgets. With F secure key app you also get an extra safe password manager to handle your logins.

  • Service and repairs:

The company offers free of charge repair services with a Virgin Media Help line and its gadget rescue is a non-stop phone service which you can call anytime you are experiencing any problem with one of your gadgets.

  • Wi-Fi services:

Wi-Fi on the go makes the users connected to Virgin’s hotspots all across the country without the inconvenience of a user having to log in all the time. The Wi-Fi is also guaranteed when you are travelling with the subway.

This is the basic list of all the specialty services Virgin Media has on offer and its one great collection. Despite the rates one really feel being served with quality, when so many apps help them along the way.